Praise God!

This summer, we taught the kids about King David. We told them about how David praised God for everything! We use his psalms in our prayers every day, he was the most prolific praise-writer ever! And, to make it camp and fun, we pulled in a skit and challenged the kids to act like David– throw their hands up in the air and yell, “PRAISE GOD!” whenever they were thankful for something. After the first week, it was something the staff started doing without thinking. We just praised God for every breeze in the hot Texas sun, every moment of affirmation from our kids, every night that we went to bed exhausted, every meal, every shower, everything! It became more of an exhalation than a thought. It was our attitude and our way of life.

Thanksgiving is an awesome opportunity to think about gratitude. Am I only thankful on this day for all my many blessings? Or am I thankful EVERY day? Am I thankful with every breath of every moment of every day? Is it my attitude, or a special occasion?Read More »