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November 13, 2010

Long time, no see!

That phrase sort of drives me crazy because I feel like it describes SO MANY of my friendships. It’s sort of sad. But the reality is that I am so blessed to have friends in my life that are constantly present to me. And then, I have friends who I know and trust that we are present to each other in our thoughts and prayers, so the time we spend away seems like nothing when we are together again.

Last night, I got to have dinner with a couple friends that I have been my closest hometown girlfriends since high school. It’s baffling to look back and realize where our friendships began… and to see them now. Netty and Dee Dee are friends that I grew up with. They were with me through so much of the beginning of my faith journey, and we were part of the “church family” that came with being involved in CYO. I have so many great memories of high school with them!

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