A Tribute to Men and Women who Design

I deleted my Myspace account a couple minutes ago. I feel liberated! It’s funny, how as junior high kids, we intuitively wanted to have a presence on the internet. Belong to some sort of community. When a friend of mine was tragically killed during my freshman year of college, her Myspace account sort of stood as a living eulogy… articles and reporters took information from her page as information about her: who she was, what she did, what she aspired to be. I guess I held off on deleting my account so that something would exist to testify for my life, if the same ever happened to me. But now, I have this blog, I have twitter, and I have facebook. And I think that’s about enough web presence for a while. Well, until I get my art/design portfolio up, but that’ll be a whole new ballgame.

Anyway, before I cancelled it, I went to see if there was anything on there that I would miss if I sent it into cyber-oblivion. I had this video in my interests section, and it’s still true. I’m still interested. So, I’m sharing with you! It’s “a tribute to men and women who design,” presented by Chevrolet in 1958. Fifty-two years ago!! It seems so simple, but still so relevant. It’s long, but worth watching if you have time to kill!

The American Look, 1958 (via Google videos)