This is one of the greatest posts on discernment and living life that I have ever read.
“His plan is alive, dancing in eternal motion and weaving the free choices of His children into the tapestry of history. He reverences and exalts our free will while simultaneously guiding and directing our steps into His own.”

Look Before You Live


Some time ago I encountered a humorous scene on the factory floor. The reflections it stirred are, I suppose, as good a place as any to begin these posts. I walked into the wire-coiling department to find that a man I work with had brought in his 5-year-old son Jimmy for the day, who was busy cruising around some stacks of scrap metal and machinery in one of those Fisher Price Power-Wheels. In speaking with the father I learned that it was his son’s birthday, and he wanted to let Jimmy try out his new present in an environment that was not only full of obstacles and opportunities, but also where he could watch him, protect him, and share his joy. Of course, such a great privilege came with a specific set of strict rules, which I could see Jimmy was well aware of.

At first I was amazed at…

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