“The 2012 [Valentine’s Day] holiday is expected to generate $17.6 billion in retail sales in the United States.”*

There are 27 million people in slavery around the world right now.
Each slave costs an estimated $90-300.
It would cost around $8 billion to buy freedom for all those people, not even half of what will be spent on Valentine’s Day in the United States ALONE.
We would have nearly $10 billion left for rehabilitation of those enslaved and prosecution of those who commit this crime against humanity.

Wow. If we can spend that kind of money showing each other how much we love each other… do you think we could do a little to show solidarity for people we don’t even know?


Money won’t fix this problem. Buying freedom and persecuting criminals isn’t as black and white as the numbers. But where we put our money shows where our priorities lie: ourselves.


What can you do? What MUST you do?

  • Pressure your governmental representatives. Write, petition, demand that this be an issue that gets attention.
  • Pressure companies who may use materials produced by slave labor. Question possible issues, insist for transparent business practices, and demand that products be created by fair trade.
  • Support organizations that are fighting human slavery. Buy tshirts, products, and materials when possible. Monetary support helps them further their mission and pursue justice and freedom for all.
  • Raise awareness. Make their stories heard by making your voice heard. Choose not to close your heart or eyes to injustice. Take baby steps, and others will join you.
  • Know what is going on. There are too many resources available to learn more and spread the word to excuse yourself from the reality of this issue:
Passion 2012 FREEDOM conference


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