Quick Takes

Quick takes!! Yessss! I’m being super sneaky and writing this AHEAD of time, because I know I’ll be busy busy and unable to blog on Friday! But I’ll get to that. SO! Week in recap: here goes.


I finally posted my blog for the Bright Maidens’ topic this time around: Mary, Our Guide. Yes, it was a week late, but better than never. It’s all about the ultimate Homeschoolin’ Mama, all she had to teach her Son, and all she has to teach us now! She rocks, and I love her. Click the links about consecration on there – and if you haven’t looked into it, please do. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have done with my life, non-sacramentally, of course.


There are four of us girls, the four sisters in the fam. I would be sister #1, with the rest to follow. Well, last week was super exciting because sister #2 graduated from LSU on Friday! She is an official alumna, and has her BS in Chemical Engineering. She’ll start working a big girl job in Baton Rouge next week, and I’m really happy for and proud of her! Here’s a picture of her and her awesome periodic table element graduation cap (all the ChemE majors made them- really cute!):


Sister #4 graduated from high school on Saturday! Yes, it was a CRAZY busy weekend at my house, but we rocked it. The night before, we barely made it back in time for the second half of her Baccalaureate Mass at the Cathedral Basilica… which brings me to a question: what are the rules about receiving Communion when you only make it for the last part of the homily? I honestly sat there not knowing, so advice/links would be helpful.

BUT anyway, Saturday was awesome. It was surreal to see the last of my sisters walk across the stage, shake Bishop’s hand, and get that diploma. Sister #3 and I decided to commemorate this momentous day in our family history by making signs.

No one else had signs in the civic center, but we were awesome and found ourselves to be completely hilarious. Maybe a little sarcastic, not in the least bit humble, but you know. We had to make some kind of statement — go out with class sass! When you graduate from a Catholic school, a class of 100 or so, in a town where everybody knows everybody’s business, it is a little like a family celebration. Friends and teachers thought we were funny, so it was all in good spirits! I think we’re going to be published in the alumni newsletter, which just cracks me up entirely.


By the time you read this, I will have finished a huge design project that I nearly didn’t have time to do. I agreed to it before I took my youth ministry job, and the time crunch came together in a way I definitely didn’t expect. Praise God for endurance and perseverance! And I’m thankful for the opportunity to use skills that I have, even if it’s not something I particularly love to do. On another note, though… I either need to learn how to say “no,” or I need to work on my work ethic. Probably a little of both.


I’m a little nervous about ironing out details for the fall. I need to find and secure an apartment, register for classes, and finish cleaning/packing. It’s overwhelming right now, so I’m not thinking too much about it. One thing at a time!


At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous (which I’m usually okay with anyway), I’m linking you to this video… Teen Girl Squad, episode 4. Hopefully you do, but if you don’t know Homestar Runner, you might be missing out on a little joyful silliness. A couple friends and I were quoting it on facebook posts earlier this week, and I just had to go back and watch some of them. Brings back good memories of giggling with friends and sisters over the goofiness!! “Grood. Great and good.”


I’m at CAMP!!! And that’s the big reason I’m not trying to post this weekend. Staff training starts tonight, and I am so excited to be back and be serving God out here by serving our kids. Please pray for all the counselors and staff as we train, study, and prepare for a summer full of camp youth ministry. We will be in prayer all week so if you have prayer needs, leave them and I will be happy to intercede for you! I’ll probably be posting about The Pines more this summer, when I have time, but if you know any kids ages 7-17 who would like to come have an AWESOME time at camp with us, please check out the webpage for more info!

Here are two things to share — expected highs and lows: I’m LEAST looking forward to sleeping on plastic twin mattresses all summer. But I’m MOST excited to get to know and love my campers, show them by example how much God loves them, and help them learn to be confident, faithful, and love Jesus!


3 thoughts on “Quick Takes

  1. You have a family of 4 sisters??? Me too me too! And I’m also the oldest! I completely understand the craziness and also the fun that comes with all of that!

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