Three Words to Live By

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At first, I thought it was so hard! Three words– only three words! I’m so wordy, how could I come up with something that simple? So I thought… and one, then two, three, four… and then I had thought of too many to count. I decided not to bomb twitter and blog them instead! Feel free to comment and leave your own.

So, in no particular order… three words to live by!

God is Good.
There is hope!
Be more childlike.
Love others first.
I am nothing.
God hears me.
I am loved.
Be a peacemaker.
It’s not important.
Faith, trust, perseverance.
Holiness is attainable.
I am redeemed.
I respect you.
Gratitude brings joy.
Try it first.
I am forgiven.
Embrace all suffering.
Search your heart.
Praise be Jesus!
Give yourself away.
Live more authentically.
Everyone has value.
Keep on truckin’.
Let it be.
How He loves.
This shall pass.
Suffering brings virtue.
Grace is enough.
Speak with love.
I am thankful.
Light destroys darkness.
Just say yes.
Solitude isn’t bad.
I am listening.
All is God’s.
Play every day.
Smile at strangers.
He must increase.
I must decrease.
Love is sacrifice.
Fight for it.
Smiling’s my favorite.
Life goes on.
Chase your dreams.
Strength will come.
God’s timing’s perfect.
Open your heart.
Have no fear.
God never changes.
Jesus loves me.
I mean something.
Offer it up.
Life is good.
Regret sin only.
Patience accompanies compassion.
The Ten Commandments.
Live out LOUD!

(this post makes me happy!)