Modern Genocide

38 years ago, a law went into effect that made it perfectly “okay,” by the standards of our laws and government, to kill innocent human beings. Astounding, right? And we have been β€” systematically, through a “common medical procedure.” It is genocide β€” right here, right now. It’s ageist, it’s prejudice, and it’s selfish. It’s also extremely offensive to me, personally. And here’s why.

If you REALLY want to be pro-life about things, it’s a go all the way sort of issue. Take out “innocent” and by the logic of our laws, it is okay to kill human life if they’re guity or deserving. Period. No need for second chances, compassion, or forgiveness. And that’s ridiculous. But that’s for another blog post.

Even those who warrant no punishment, who have done no harm to society, and who deserve protection β€” the same for any innocent citizen β€” BY LAW are not protected. They are falsely accused for infringing on a woman’s personal space and autonomy, though they didn’t ask to be there. They are blamed for causing hardship, poverty, and discomfort, though they didn’t put forth effort to do so. They are de-humanized and treated as property, though they themselves are the future citizens of our society. Laws that are made to protect peace and justice do not serve them well β€” where is justice in punishing the innocent? They are not protected; they are put to death.

And that is an injustice. We are not God, we cannot create human life out of nothing. If we cannot create it, we have no right to destroy it.

Prochoice seems to have a problem with the word “right.” By definition, a “right” is a legal entitlement. But the definition doesn’t stop there. A “right” is also that which is morally correct, just, and honorable. I’m not a philosopher, but aren’t there laws about contradiction? Or even, “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”? So how can a “legal entitlement” that is immoral, unjust, and dishonorable actually be… well… a right? In fact, an antonym of the noun form of “right” are “injustice, inequity, wrong.” The pro-choice argument for legalized abortion sounds far more like a “want” to me. “I have the right desire to abort the fetus in my body if I so choose.” They’re very confused.

The right that I do have, as a woman, is to bear children. I can do it if I want to, and it’s due to me because it’s what women are made to do. I’m pretty offended when people want to take my femininity away from me. I’m not a man… so tell me again why you think I should be more like one? And not even honorable men, at that– pro-choice wants me to be able to be just as commitment-less, opportunistic, and selfish as the terrible men they let degrade their integrity and dignity. Well, I sure don’t want to be used. But I don’t plan on using other people either. So if you’re trying to “empower” me to be more like a less-than-upstanding man… no thanks.

Sometimes I feel like I have no ground to stand on. I’m not a mother, I haven’t been pregnant. There are women that can speak from that perspective. But I CAN say that every time I see a pregnant woman, I don’t think, “Oh, you are growing ambivalent tissue that will one day be a child!” I think, “What a CUTE MOMMY. I can’t wait to be one.” I don’t know how many mothers haul themselves around waiting until the day of birth to begin to think of their pregnancy as a child… all the he/she, names, showers, shopping, preparing, creepy people touching her stomach… it all indicates that our society recognizes that it is a human with unique and special personhood. So why are we so confused when it comes to legalizing things?! A baby is from the beginning, it doesn’t just receive personhood by osmosis or something when it reaches a viable state. That’s more fairytale and make-believe than anything! One day, a fetus… then, POOF! A fetus with personhood and the ability to be unique, have personality, likes and dislikes… all the things that make us human!! As I like to say on twitter… #prochoice logic fail.

Often, I feel so degraded by the prochoice effort. What they are saying to me, as a woman, is that if I – in moments of my greatest desperation – reach out and say, “I can’t do this!!!”, the pro-choice side is there to affirm me in that desperation and hopelessness. They say, “You are right, you cannot do it. Let’s take care of the problem.”

What kind of a message is that?! Not just for women, but for our society? For our children? For young girls?

If you think you cannot do it, you probably can’t. Don’t sacrifice, don’t give it all you’ve got, don’t keep going even when it gets hard… just get an abortion, remove the issue, and move on with your life!! You can have freedom, you can have your LIFE! And best of all, we’re saving you from the unsafe, unsanitary abortion you WOULD be having if it wasn’t legal for you to pay us lots of money for a safe, simple medical procedure right here. Because without us, without this nearly-painless operation, you would have no one and nothing else to turn to. You can’t have this child. You don’t have enough money, energy, time, patience. You haven’t finished your education. You are too young. You aren’t far enough along in your career. You aren’t successful enough. You can’t deal with this right now.

You are not strong enough, so abortion is your only choice.

Am I the only person insulted by this attitude? Because prochoicers will be the last to come out and use plain language to admit exactly what they mean. Trust me, I have had my words twisted around on twitter so many times it would make your head spin. The “empowerment” they speak of is false and shallow… the early, true feminists NEVER would have let such a thing happen to them. It’s not empowerment. It makes me feel like less of a woman.

No wonder I feel the intrinsic need to fight their drivel and often, their hatred, bitterness, and anger. It must be hard to feel like a second-class citizen.


7 Comments to “Modern Genocide”

  1. So what exactly is your call to action? You verbalize your thoughts on this subject multiple times a day (via twitter, facebook, and blogging) and I completely understand your viewpoints. Heck, I even agree with a lot of them (although with slightly different reasonings, since I am an atheist).

    However, if you’re insinuating that abortion should be illegal, I completely disagree. Drugs are illegal, but has that stopped our society from taking them? No. In fact, it’s probably increased usage (but that’s off topic). If we make abortion illegal, it’s not going to stop. It’s going to happen “underground” in shady operations with shady sterilization policies, causing even more problems.

    I agree that whether or not things are legal or illegal doesn’t make them right or wrong, but cutting off people’s ability to choose legally isn’t going to make things better.

  2. It is always more simple than we humans make it.
    All human life is to be respected. Sometimes that means taking action even if that infringes on our freedom to choose.
    Your passion for this topic, Mary, is commendable.

    In response to Emily – if I follow your logic it takes me to this – Why have any laws (about drugs, abortion, etc) because people will do it anyways. Just because people are going to do it doesn’t make it right. Not convincing.

    In the end, no child (born or unborn) is a mistake or your choice as to whether or not he or she gets a chance to live. If you don’t want to raise it then the moment it exits your body give it to someone who does.

    • Kelly, my argument is not that people do things even though they’re illegal, my argument is that making abortion illegal will do more harm than it is now because illegal SURGERIES will be happening. Surgeries that are unsafe (unsanitary, done without medical knowledge, etc.) and will cause more harm than legal ones would. AKA: death to both the mother and the child.

      Some laws do more good than harm (for example: going to jail for rape). I by no means am insinuating that we shouldn’t have laws.

    • But for us to argue will get nowhere and just waste time. :] We have different views and should both be respected.

      Though we won’t agree, I understand your argument. I only hope you can try to do the same.

      Mary, I am still interested to know your call to action. Also, please continue to post more happy things on twitter. :]

  3. Yes, Emily, I’m saying that it’s not justice. Laws are created to protect the innocent and build up society. Legal abortion dehumanizes the youngest and most innocent members of society – they are literally disposed because they are unwanted.

    Our individualistic, independent, and often SUPREMELY selfish society has its priorities all wrong. Inconvenient people (elderly, sick, vulnerable, unborn) are not to be thrown away just because we don’t have the time, money, energy, or compassion to “deal” with them.

    What if abolitionists had said, “We don’t really need laws making slavery illegal because people will still have slaves anyway.”? Or if MLK’s speech had been something like, “We don’t really need laws to change to protect the equality and dignity of people because there will always be racism and prejudice anyway.”?

    Laws are in place to guide the moral and social well-being of our society. And the laws that make abortion “no big deal” are quickly making us a society that doesn’t value humanity or human life. We are a Culture of Death, not Life. And that doesn’t uplift us or bring us closer together.

    Ireland has made abortion illegal, did you know that? Maternal health has actually increased, physically and emotionally. There has only been something like a dozen reported deaths from illegal abortion. Is it because of the law? Absolutely not. Is it because they have embraced a culture of LIFE and are willing to put forth the hard work to make it a reality? Yes.

  4. Mary: Thanks for your passionate defense of life. I’ve never bought the “let’s make it safer to do something patently stupid or immoral” line of reasoning, either, although my own analysis is less charitable than yours, I’m afraid. God bless!

    • Thanks, Tony. πŸ™‚ I love being part of the prolife effort because it seems like we all have a different way of going about bringing truth and change to the forefront. And yet, it’s all for the same (worthy) cause!! Your post is so forceful and so full of conclusive truth– that’s the stuff prochoice can’t ignore, and the things that will make those who are on the fence really chose a side. So thanks, too, for your defense!

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