The Christmas Story

By kids from St. Paul’s Church in New Zealand. CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Only a couple more days!


from Nazareth to Bethlehem

Google maps tells me that Joseph and Mary would’ve traveled about 102 miles to get from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

That is, of course, according to modern maps and roads. Mostly dirt, and on a donkey. Probably busy roads, with lots of people. Not really our way of traveling!

Walking at a pretty consistent speed, it would take 35-40 hours. And with the daylight as short as it is during the winter, they probably could’ve only traveled for a maximum of 10 hours.

I’m going to guess it took them 3-4 days to make the trip.  Can you IMAGINE three or four DAYS walking in sandals or riding on a donkey??!

So tonight, three days before they ended up sleeping in a stable, might have been the end of their first day of travel. They probably stopped somewhere along the road, in a small town, and had almost as much trouble finding a place to stay. They both would have been exhausted, and still with days left to go. They would have known the Scripture, known the prophecies, and suspected that Mary would give birth. But no preparations could be made, because they were constantly in motion. They had no time to stop, rest, and be ready. The journey had to continue, and they had to press on.

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You can’t hold me anymore?

Tuesday morning, I babysat for the sweetest, most precocious little two year old I know. She tells me stories and talks about all sorts of things… she yells at the TV when Dora says, “Say it louder!!” She was showing me her nativity and telling me about the “sweet little baby Jesus” and showed me his mommy and daddy, but when I asked what their names were, she just made stuff up. Her little “hey ‘ome wiff me!” usually means we’re going to “see” her room and “see” her toys, and maybe watch a movie that she “can pick it and put it in!!!” all by herself.

Her mom had surgery that morning, and when she came back, little Reese looked up at her and saw a bandaid on her arm from the IV. Tugging on her shirt, her sweet little voice was so worried as she asked her what had happened!

“It’s just a bandaid, Reese.”

(worried) “But you can’t hold me anymore?”

“Oh sweetie, I can still hold you! Not today, but after.”



Talk about precious!!

Made me reconsider imperfection and helping others, the unblemished Church and her congregation of sinners… so much to learn from sweet little innocence!