SICK of the APATHY!!!

I just got back from Mass. I have Christ within me! It’s the feast of Christ the KING! I want to jump and dance and sing for joy!!!

Here is our King! Here is our Love!
Here is the God who’s come to bring us back to Him!
He is the One, He is Jesus!

We had a party this morning, at church. A celebration, in fact. I think most people didn’t know about it, because they showed up and decided not to have a good time. It’s funny, because it’s a party EVERY WEEK, yet I look around and see bored faces. Yawns. With the opening announcements, we have to ASK people not to TEXT DURING MASS. People are totally disengaged, there for an obligation, and not willing to participate. Then they wonder why they aren’t getting anything out of it.

I am paralyzed by the congregation. My joy is suppressed by their lack of enthusiasm. I find myself singing more quietly, praying less exuberantly, and trying to be as unnoticed as possible.

I desperately miss having Mass at camp, where we sang and smiled and PRAISED with hearts on fire. I miss hearing our songs of worship reverberate off the rafters of the chapel. I miss seeing the pavilion full of joyful counselors trying to erase the unenthusiastic stereotype of Mass from their campers’ minds.

The children’s choir sang this song today, one of my favorites. (And often sung by one of my favorite musicians, Steve Angrisano.)

Sweet redeemer, I surrender all I am to You.

The sad thing is that I don’t think most people understand the words. Or care to understand. I should guard myself against vainglory, to think that I should be the only person who is doing their best to live this Christian life. I am just as much a sinner, just as much absorbed by my own self-centeredness, and just as much unworthy to sit in His house of worship and gain His graces. But I can’t help but be offended by the attitude that some people bring into the church. Why should I be afraid of you? Why should I fear what you think of me? And why should my abandon and joy be stifled because of your self-consciousness? Lord, help me to care less about what others think and give you the glory due a King!! King of my heart and King of my life!

I’m finding grace beyond all measure
In flesh and blood He hides His majesty
Inside of you and me
Why would a King do such a thing?

Isn’t it beautiful?! Isn’t it marvelous?!
The God of the universe, He became one of us!
We cry out and then Love comes down again
Faith is found in Him
Hope is found in Him
Glory is found in Him



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