Long time, no see!

That phrase sort of drives me crazy because I feel like it describes SO MANY of my friendships. It’s sort of sad. But the reality is that I am so blessed to have friends in my life that are constantly present to me. And then, I have friends who I know and trust that we are present to each other in our thoughts and prayers, so the time we spend away seems like nothing when we are together again.

Last night, I got to have dinner with a couple friends that I have been my closest hometown girlfriends since high school. It’s baffling to look back and realize where our friendships began… and to see them now. Netty and Dee Dee are friends that I grew up with. They were with me through so much of the beginning of my faith journey, and we were part of the “church family” that came with being involved in CYO. I have so many great memories of high school with them!

Random hanging out, whenever we could… Marble Slab, this night…
Dee Dee surprised us with our Christmas gift– a road trip to Galveston
to see a Christmas Imax and the light display at Moody Gardens

But things were always changing. Netty graduated two years before us, but that age difference never has mattered to us. We hung out with her when schedules allowed. When Dee Dee and I graduated, we both left for college and Netty stayed at home. We went to very different schools in very different cities. Netty had life-changing surgery, put us all through a scare, but beat ovarian cancer despite it all. Dee Dee got super involved in Fish Camp. Netty found her love for traditional photography. I got wrapped up in the idea of being a designer. Dee Dee changed her major like 309 times, once to “aeronautical engineering” just because it sounded like fun. Netty went into fashion merchandising. I moved to Florida for 9 months and came back to live in the woods of East Texas for the summer. Dee Dee went to New Zealand for an internship, and then started grad school for physical therapy.

So, sitting across that table from them last night, five and a half years after graduating high school, it was so obvious to me that I have been blessed with genuine friends. I think we were even amazed at the fact that we’ve managed to stick it out. The thing that I think we realized together, last night, was that we have all changed a lot. We have grown into the people we are now — but we know it’s not over. We have changed… but our friendship hasn’t. Because somewhere deep down, our friendship is based on something greater than what we do or where we are living. It’s a history – a shared understanding and acceptance of where we are from, who we were, who we are, and who we will become… and an effort to try to help each other along the way.

They are two women in my life that I know will be honest and trustworthy. They look out for me and want what’s best for me. And I’m so grateful to be reminded that our friendship isn’t going anywhere. It will always be changing. We might not talk every week, we might not see each other for months, and it might be in those moments when I can’t get anyone on the phone when I need them, they’re there. Always. Unless they’re in New Zealand.

I’m a lucky girl.


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